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  • Digital Print on Nails For Manicure
    Followed by shoes, clothes, hair, makeup, the next important item girls should care about is nails. We can still remember what the celebrities, singers and actress’ nails look like, they are fine, exquisite, and various in styles. Since when the new trend is getting popular among the world, it brings girl more attentions, every girl is proud of having a unique nail painting.
    However a unique nail needs creative design, many maybe awed by nail art designs, for they are not a good painter, it is difficult job. Thanks to the advanced technology that enables us to easily print on nails and design our unique nail art.
    The Inkjet printing technology can be used to print a chosen style on nail or a fingernail. The nail printing system applies highly-detailed, personalized, multicolored designs which are scaled towards shape and the size of the personal nail. The machines include an ink-jet printing head; an  support for nail, along with a operative system which store the nail styles in digital format, and adjusts the designs to the personal nail shape and size, and instruct the ink-jet printing head to print on nails.
    Since the nail printer make the polish process easier, it never too old to stop decorating your nails. And now you are able to manicure you nails at home, instead of spending several hours in a nail salon. And choose from over 1,000 designs, various colors and patterns, or you could upload your own. With all those possibilities, you can simply have fun changing the nail art everyday. The unique nail printer is cheap and with high quality, it is really a fun alternative, every girl should have a try. 
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