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  • How Nail Printing Machine Effect Girls’ Pursuit of Beauty
    Many fashion companies have introduced advance technology into fashion area, the nail printing machine. Qingdao Unique technology is one of those printer manufacturers that lead this trend. The most striking advantage is directly applying high quality fashion images onto real or artificial nails within few seconds. 

    Mini Five Nails Printer

    And now I would like introduce you a type of nail printing machine. The Mini five nails printer launched by Qingdao Unique technology. It is small in size, not like that kind of giant machine which would take too much of your room. And the appearance is fashionable and suit for young girls. Most importantly, the price is not as expensive as other high tech products. It is affordable and competitive in price. As for its function, a very amazing part is that it can automatically detect your finger shape and size and adjust the nail holders. Furthermore it can memorize every operator’s printed time to really customize your life. 

    Digital Nail Art

    Nail painting, nail printing are also called the digital nail art. Art no matter in whatever format represent beauty. For everyone being in pursuit of beauty, digital nail art is worth of trying. According to many nail fashion expert, the nail printer machine is a must have for every salon, it will make a nail worker exciting her clients and open a whole new business opportunity. And according to research, nail printer has increased the manicure business by 50%. I can’t say enough about nail printing machine, but you know the real marvelous thing is that everyone can afford to own one and enjoy doing nails at home. To many girls who are busy of working, it may be good news. You don’t have to go to the salon and wait for several hours until it was done. 
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